What is Cor·Set™?

We created a "CORE SET" of training that serves as the baseline knowledge for all team members in Sports, Entertainment, Live Venue, Critical Infrastructure, Aviation, Transportation, Convention Center, Corporations, Medical Centers or anywhere large groups gather. The initial Cor·Set™ modules include three (3) core security concepts that transcend locations and industries. Simply put, Cor·Set™ is three courses on one intuitive platform.

The modules are;

Situational Awareness

IED Detection & Mitigation

Active Threat Response

The motivation for Cor·Set™ is based in the understanding that when security and safety incidents begin to evolve, it's often times within view of others. These indicators historically go unnoticed, unreported, or ignored. With that, we set out to create an Immersive Generative Training platform capable of scaling to any organizational level while significantly reducing training costs.


Made Easy

Cor·Set™ Virtual Reality (VR) Security Training For Everyone.



You have enough to do without worrying about maintaining team training records. Cor·Set™ backend automated compliance tracking ensures legal, insurance, and leadership have the data they need.

Enhanced Security

When your team is properly trained and continually provided updated training your employees and guest receive the ultimate peace of mind.

Time Saved

Reduce cost, save time, and boost engagement with meaningful training for your team. Cor·Set™ can achieve an 8 hour training course of content in approximately 20 mins while proving that real learning has taken place.

As Seen On

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Cor·Set™ in 5K

Highest Resolution All-One Headset

Enjoy the most powerful, stand alone VR headset on the planet.

We build Cor·Set™ on HTC VIVE Focus 3 to ensure training is clear and enjoyable.




Can you afford not to?

This is training for EVERYONE. With the unmatched scalability, you can ensure all team members share a Cor·Set™ of security and safety training.

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Our pricing calculator above includes VR Headsets with 5K resolution. This tool will give you a rough idea of how much the most advanced training platform would cost. As with all pricing, no pricing is finalized until contracts are signed. However, we are committed to providing the most timely and transparent pricing possible. We believe that trust is earned every step of the way and clear pricing is one of the ways we are committed to earning trust.

Meet Our Team

Some random guys from Deep Attic Cor·Set™ leadership.

SECOND Douglas P. Lobo
"Business Stuff"

Peter brings decades of combined experience gained from

military, law enforcement, and federal counter terrorism to the development team. Peter developed a national training team for police departments, swat teams, corporations, and non-profits in active threat response along with terrorist planning cycle disruption. Peter leads the Cor·Set™ curriculum development team of subject matter expert (SME) contributors.

Dir. Development
"Building Stuff"

David leads the Cor·Set™ development team consisting of an array of software engineers, game developers, technical modelers, animators, voice actors, and UX/UI designers. David also has led the shift to procedural and generative systems that serve as the principle architecture of Cor·Set™ experience. With 30+ years of experience David has gained from game development, animation, TV production, and UX/UI brings invaluable experience to the Cor·Set™ team.

Heath Photo
"Coding Stuff"

Heath serves as the Sr. Software Engineer for Cor·Set™ and leads the full stack development team. Before joining the Cor·Set™ team, Heath worked in the government sector for information technologies supporting law enforcement operations. Heaths foundational experiences came from formal computer science degree. Heath brings a first principles approach to software development while ensuring optimized content is delivered effortlessly to the end user.

Ian final01
"Transforming Stuff"

Ian brings the Cor·Set™ training to life leading the animation and technical research sector. Ian began his journey in animation over 25+ year ago and has worked in defense sector projects including armored vehicles and next generation war fighting technologies. Additionally, Ian's experience includes TV production and animation for NBC Universal and many fortune 500 companies animation initiatives.

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